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Descriptions of the cast, locations and other elements for the Australian film The Rage in Placid Lake for blind and vision impaired people.

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by Brett Coulstock. .

This is an unofficial audio introduction for the Australian comedy/drama film The Rage in Placid Lake.

This introduction contains information about the story, locations, cast and costumes. It runs for approximately [calculate] minutes. Warning - it contains mild spoilers for the film.

In Australia, The Rage in Placid Lake is classified "M" for a mature audience. It contains sexual references, medium level coarse language, medium level sex scenes AND low level violence. Please check the rating in your country.

The running time for the film is approximately 1 hour and 26 minutes.

The film was written and directed by Tony McNamara, adapted from his play The Cafe Latte Kid.

The Cast

The cast for The Rage in Placid Lake are exclusively white.

The main characters are:

Placid Lake

Placid Lake is a young man of high school graduation age. He’s slightly built and a little awkward in his movements. He has an expressive, long, oval shaped face with frizzy brown hair and ears that appear to be a little too large for his head. At school he wears the uniform of grey pants, light blue-grey shirt, a navy-tie with thin red stripes, and either a navy blazer or a grey v-neck jumper. At home he wears eclectic shirts and pants clearly influenced by his hippy parents. At work he has his hair cut short and styled like American President George Bush Jr, and wears a dark, pin-stripe suit, dark red spotted tie, and a white shirt with a light grid-pattern.

Placid Lake is played by Australian musician and actor Ben Lee. The actor was mid 20s, playing a younger character.

Sylvia Lake

Placid’s Mother Sylvia Lake is a short, attractive woman in her mid 40s. She’s an aging hippy, and dresses in natural fabrics with muted colours. She ornaments herself with wooden beads around her neck, silver bracelets on her wrists and a variety of rings on her fingers. Her eyes are blue, and she has blonde hair that falls in loose ringlets around her heart-shaped face. She wears very little makeup.

Sylvia Lake is played by English actor Miranda Richardson.

Doug Lake

Placid’s Father, Doug Lake, is a tall man in his mid 50s. Like Sylvia, he’s an aging hippy, and dresses in natural fabrics, mostly oversized t-shirts in muted colours and loose pants. He is balding, with a dark, full, short beard. He has dark brown eyes, a long bent nose, and the lines on his forehead and around his eyes make him look hangdog and weary.

Doug Lake is played by Australian comedian and actor Garry McDonald.

Gemma Taylor

Gemma Taylor, Placid’s best friend, is a slender young woman of high school graduation age. She wears medium, dark framed glasses and has wide brown eyes. She’s brunette; at school she wears her hair tied up, and shoulder-length when she’s at home. She wears the same school uniform as Placid, except for a tartan skirt. She dresses conservatively, with dresses that are semi-formal but have a 1950s look.

Gemma Taylor is played by Australian actor Rose Byrne, mid 20s playing a younger character.

Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor, Gemma’s Father, is a man in his mid 50s, with wavy, short brown hair. He has a tanned, lined face, perfect white teeth, and looks fit and healthy. He wears a lab-coat in one scene; a pastel blue sleeveless jumper over a white shirt in another.

Bill Taylor is played by American actor Nicholas Hammond (Spiderman!)


Placid’s lead tormentor at school is Bull, a tall young man of high school graduation age. He has dark, wavy hair, parted on the left. He has arched eye-brows and dark eyes. He wears the standard school uniform with a small red prefects badge on the lapel of his blazer.

Bull is played by Australian actor Toby Schmitz, mid 20s, playing a younger character.


Lachie, one of Bull’s offsiders, is a young man with short reddish hair, blue eyes, and a slightly vacant expression. He is played by Australian actor Nathanial Dean.


Angus, Bull’s other offsider, is a young man with dark short curly hair, thick dark eyebrows and a brutish expression. At school he wears the usual school uniform. He is played by Australian actor Stephen James King.


Placid’s boss Joe is a tall man in his late 30s. He’s solidly built and square shouldered. He wears a navy suit, white or blue shirt with a red tie and a gold watch. His receding hair is cropped short. He’s friendly and supportive. He is played by Australian actor Christopher Stollery.


Placid’s work colleague Anton is a man in his early 30s. He has blue eyes, receding dark hair and arched eyebrows. He’s territorial and insecure, his body language is awkward. He wears a light, desaturated green shirt, light green tie with diagonal stripes, and dark pants. Anton is played by actor Francis McMahon.


Placid’s work colleague Jane is a slim, attractive woman in her early 30s with intense blue eyes. She has thin eyebrows, short platinum blonde hair and dark red-lipstick. She dresses in a variety smart professional suits and shirts. Jane is direct and confident. She is played by actor Saskia Smith.


Key locations in the film are:

Placid’s home is a 1970s built suburban house, with dark, raw brick walls hung with aboriginal and other traditional cultural artwork. Rugs and cushions of natural materials in earth tones and generic African design are everywhere. Most of the surfaces are cluttered and untidy. Placid’s bedroom is cluttered with books, vinyl records; the walls decorated with posters and artwork.

Gemma’s bedroom is on the 2nd story of her home; the walls are painted light blue, and lined with neat shelves containing carefully labeled stoppered bottles with coloured solutions and other scientific paraphernelia. Other shelves display neat rows of books and CDs. On the wall is a periodic table of elements, and a Radiohead KID A poster, as well as framed specimens of exotic butterflies. Atop a wooden tall-boy, teddy-bears and other soft toys are mixed with tinker-toy models of molecules.

The school is an old building with blue/grey painted walls, long, high ceiling corridors lined with wooden sash-windows.

The offices of Icarus Insurance is a welcoming environment: professional, well-lit and spacious. The cool corporate greys and blues of the desks and partitions are broken up with light wooden feature walls. Many desks are filled with rows of tidy black lever-arch files. The lobby is a large, airy space, panelled in light wood, with tables and chairs arranged in informal groupings and an embedded coffee/cake shop. At the far wall is some kinetic art - three large clock like discs, each with 12 white balls arranged in a circle that expand and contract.

Joe’s office is a darker space, cooly corporate and minimalist, with a coffee table and modern design padded leather chairs, as well as a desk and PC.


This is an independent Audio Introduction and not commissioned by the copyright owners. I believe in cultural competancy, inclusion and equality, and have attempted to describe the characters and situations fairly, without prejudice and without intent to offend. All information in this introduction is believed to be correct at the time of writing, but the accuracy or correctness of this content cannot be guaranteed.

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