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Descriptions of the cast, locations and other elements for the Australian film Noise for blind and vision impaired people.

A small, round photo of a smiling man with a mop of dark hair and a pointy nose.

by Brett Coulstock. .

This is an unofficial audio introduction for the 2007 Australian film Noise.

This introduction contains information about the story, locations, design aesthetic and the cast and costumes. It runs for approximately [calculate] minutes. It contains mild spoilers for the film.

In Australia, Noise is classified MA 15+ for a mature audience over the age of 15, or otherwise in the company of a parent or guardian. It contains strong coarse language and violence. Please check the rating in your country.

The running time for the film is approximately 1 hour and 43 minutes.

Noise was written and directed by Matthew Saville

The Characters

Constable Graham McGahan

Constable Graham McGahan is played by Australian actor Brendan Cowell. He’s early 30s with thinning brown hair, cut short. He has an expressive, boyish face with cleft chin and snub nose. He’s medium build with thick, powerful arms, and a bit of a belly. He has arched eyebrows and pale blue eyes. He wears the regulation short sleeved police uniform and dark pants. He has a discrete tattoo of a question mark on his right lower back.

Lavinia Smart

Lavinia Smart is played by actor Maia Thomas. She’s a young woman with pale brown skin, and thin, arched eyebrows. She has long black hair, dark brown eyes and wears a small, plain metal stud below her lower lip. Coming home from work she wears a red jacket with the zodiac star signs picked out in gold thread, camouflage patterned sneakers, and has her hair up in two stubby pigtails. Later in the film she wears her hair down, and more casual clothes.

Detective Melanie Ryan

Detective Melanie Ryan is played by Australian actor Fiona MacLeod. She has a broad, square face, soft brown eyes, and a repaired cleft lip. She wears her long brown hair tied back. She’s a plain-clothes detective and wears dark slacks and jacket and a grey-blue shirt. She’s warm and empathetic.

Senior Detective Noel Birchall

Senior Detective Noel Birchall is played by actor Nicholas Bell. He's a tall, lean man in his late 40s. He’s balding, with black hair, and a greying gotee-beard. He’s plain clothes, and wears a dark suit, with a white shirt and dark tie. He’s a demanding man, but he's quietly spoken and restrained.

“Lucky” Phil Heydon

“Lucky” Phil is played by actor Simon Laherty. He’s a young man, very thin build, with some kind of developmental disorder. He has an oval shaped face with a narrow chin and prominent forehead, bad skin and small eyes, prematurely thinning brown hair which makes his ears look like they stick out. He wears oversized t-shirts and shorts or tracksuit pants, and moves awkwardly. He wears a satchel over one shoulder. He travels with his dog Bowser, a fawn coloured boxer with white markings.

Constable Rhonda Harris

Constable Rhonda Harris is played by actor Maude Davey. She’s a tall woman, perhaps early 40s, long brown hair tied back, cleft chin. Blue eyes and arched eyebrows. She wears the regulation short-sleeved police uniform. She’s pragmatic, and empathetic.

Constable Caitlyn Robinson

Constable Caitlyn Robinson is played by actor Katie Wall. She is a police officer who plays trombone in the Police Band, and she is in a relationship with Graham. Caitlyn is an attractive woman, perhaps late 20s, with a round face, a pointed nose, brown hair that tumbles over her shoulders, pale green eyes and arched eyebrows.

Dean Stouritis

Dean Stouritis is played by actor Luke Elliot. To use an Australian idiom, Dean is built like a brick shithouse. He’s a large, imposing man, very tanned, with short, dark curly hair. He’s perhaps in his mid 30s. He wears a singlet in an early scene, and later a work-shirt, and a t-shirt.

Craig Finlay

Craig Finlay is played by Australian actor Henry Nixon. He’s a young man, perhaps mid 20s, medium build. He has an intense expression and a combative air. He has a square face, unshaven, and short curly brown hair, shiny with product. He wears t-shirts, and later an olive green shirt.

Matty Rhodes

Matty Rhodes is played by Australian actor Damien Richardson. He’s late 30s, round face with a cleft chin. He’s a tradie, and wears a yellow high-viz vest, and drives a ute laden with tools and equipment.


Key locations in the film are:

Train Carriage

The train-carrige is lit with twin-rows of cold, fluroescent light. There are cold tubular steel rails either side of the double-doors, and twin rows of forward-facing seats upholstered in a yellow-brown tartan fabric. The large, long, rectangular carriage-windows are rounded at the corners, and the edges are rivited metal. Below the window-level, the carriage is panelled in fake wood patterned plastic.

Graham and Caitlyn’s Home

Graham and Caitlyn’s home is a warm, cluttered space, decorated in a 70s style. A large panel of retro amber bottle glass is set into the timber front door, and the walls are painted a cream yellow.

In the day-time the sunlight is softened by the closed curtains. At night, the living spaces are softly lit by table lamps.

The living room has a battered old striped sofa and arm-chairs, as well as a large comfortable low swivel chair in front of an old 4:3 TV set. It’s an untidy space: there are clothes drying on a airer; a plastic crate full of household detritus is stacked in front of a counter-top; among the clutter is an accoustic guitar, a keyboard and music stand, a mixing desk and large speakers.

The doors of the inbuilt warddrobes are made of wood slats.

It is nearly Christmas — they have put up strands of fairy-lights, and a string of small red Chinese-lanterns.

The Police Caravan

The Police caravan is jacked-up and parked on the street outside of a 24-hour deli, and cordoned off with orange witches-hats. It’s a large caravan of basic rounded-off rectangular design. The white metal surface is lightly textured with ridges; it’s a little dirty, and is decorated with two strips of the blue-checkered livery of the police, as well as the badge of the Victorian State Police, a metal five-pointed star surmounted by a crown against a wreath of green leaves. The motto is “Uphold the Right”. There are three steps up to the narrow entry-door, which has a fluorescent light mounted above.

Inside the caravan it’s a functional space. While it is confined, it is relatively spacious for a caravan. At the far end is a sink, kettle, biscuit tin and an elevated microwave oven. There are long windows with thin Venetian-blinds set into the walls. There are two desks, each with an in-tray, phone and stationery. At the other end of the caravan is another desk supporting a fax machine and an array of police radios. A map is pinned above the desk, and on the inner wall adjacent is a pin up board. At night, the space is lit by cold, impersonal fluorescent lights mounted along the ceiling line.


This is an independent Audio Introduction and not commissioned by the copyright owners. I believe in cultural competancy, inclusion and equality, and have attempted to describe the characters and situations fairly, without prejudice and without intent to offend. All information in this introduction is believed to be correct at the time of writing, but the accuracy or correctness of this content cannot be guaranteed.

If you have any concerns about the content in this audio introduction, please contact me.

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