Doctor Who: The Rescue () Audio Description Scripts

Unofficial audio-description scripts for the two-part Doctor Who serial The Rescue in CSV, HTML and SRT format.

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by Brett Coulstock. .

I wrote audio-description scripts for the two-part 1965 Doctor Who serial known as The Rescue as an exercise to develop my skills.

This is independent audio-description: that is the scripts are unofficial and not commissioned by the BBC. I believe in cultural competency, inclusion and equality, and have attempted to describe the characters and situations fairly, without prejudice and without intent to offend. All information in the scripts are believed to be correct at the time of writing, but they have not passed through a quality control process, and the accuracy or correctness of this content cannot be guaranteed.

If you have any concerns about this content, please contact me.

Update November 2023

In an extraordinary move, the BBC audio described every single episode of Doctor Who on iPlayer. The official audio description for this story — not based on my scripts — is available here (UK Only).

It means these scripts are largely redundant, but it was a valuable and instructive exercise to have written them.

Linked audio description scripts copyright © Brett Coulstock.

Licence for all formats: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Episode 1

Episode 2

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