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A selection of interesting or useful links relating to audio-description.

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A selection of high-value, interesting or useful links relating to various aspects of audio-description. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list, just a useful one.

If you feel there is a particularly egregious omission, please feel free to contact me.

Selected Articles on Audio Description

  1. Seeing the story — just another day working as a blind critic by Olivia Muscat ().
  2. The people who find the words to describe sex scenes and a cyclops by Kate Jones ().
  3. Some tips for Blind Audio Description writers by Robert Kingett ().
  4. Representation Matters: Excellent Audio Description of The Harder They Fall by Empish J. Thomas ().
  5. Making a Case for Self-Description: It’s Not About Eye Candy by Thomas Reid ().
  6. Audio description and the AFI Top 100 List by Alex Howard ().
  7. In Living Color - Audio Description Looks Past People of Color by Thomas Reid (; archived link).
  8. What It’s Like to Describe Porn for a Blind Audience By Marissa Martinelli ().
  9. Design for the Edges: Video for the Blind and Deaf by Katie Hinsen ().
  10. A Day in the Life of an Audio Describer ().

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Translate UK/US English
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Adjectives and Describing Words
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Describing Diversity
Avoiding Racism for Writers—Coffee, Honey & Other Color Don’ts
Skin Tone Descriptions for Writers
Pronunciation Guide - Phonetic Respelling by Vocaleyes.

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Mac The Movie Guy

He just wants his blind community to know what has audio description, is it good, and should you watch it.

Reid My Mind

Stories & profiles of compelling people impacted by all degrees of blindness and disability. Plus, Reid explores his own experiences in his unique way pairing his words with music and sound design.


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