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Artwork – Drawer 23

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CD Cover - Drawer 23Another in the series of covers for 19 Nocturne Boulevard, and the story is Drawer 23. The summary is:

Tim might expect to see corpses, working graveyard in the morgue, but never expected one that can talk…

I have to say a big thank you to jim.rocco for relicencing his photograph of morgue drawers to allow me to freely use it for this composition.

Originally I was just going to add the number to the drawer, and light it in eldritch blue light, but then I got carried away and added light and smoke streaming out. I don’t know where the idea to put fridge-magnets on the drawer came from, but I suspect that I have a pretty black sense of humour sometimes. It just seemed appropriate to add a lighter note to the cover. I made my own pizza menu! Sue gave me the name of the restaurant: “The Nice Slice” (alas, it is obscured on the actual cover). It gives you an idea of some of the detail I put on these covers.

Interesting fact: the photograph of the drawers has names on — all Harry Potter characters. The drawer shown is Dumbledoor’s drawer :-)

Julie suggested the fridge-magnet letters should say “Skidoo” after the phrase 23 Skidoo. The letters were “modelled” in the Blender 3D software package, something I’ve been getting a lot of practice in lately for another project.

Licencing and Attribution

I used a number of Creative Commons licenced photograpic elements, sourced from Flickr and here’s the attributions:

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Written by Brett

October 1st, 2009 at 9:52 am