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Vegetable Garden Part 1

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Having built the shed, and waiting while we developed the house plans, we decided to put in a vegetable garden. Behind the watertank was a gentle north-facing slope of empty land, perfect position for a garden. The photo below was taken from a very large pile of stockpiled topsoil scraped off the house site and driveway.

Brett looking down at the vegetable garden area behind water tank

And here’s me standing on top of it, with a post-hole shovel and a mattock (the latter proved unnecessary).

Brett standing on top of a mound of topsoul

The object of the next few weeks was to redistribute that pile over the garden area. This was actually a lot of fun! It’s not mentally challenging to dig and wheelbarrow, so my iPod helped immeasurably, and I listened to a lot of Sapphire & Steel and Doctor Who audio dramas, as well as a few informative podcasts (mostly from the ABC). Also, it’s very good exercise!

Written by Brett

October 10th, 2011 at 11:20 am