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Hallowe’en 2010

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Some fun for Hallowe’en this year … to start with, we were invited to a costume party on the Saturday night, so I went as a Nazgul! We hired a robe, cloak and sword (samurai, but a decent replica with a nice feel to it). The leather gloves were mine (used for a 19 Nocturne Boulevard cover last year), and I covered my face with a balaclava. Sue then convinced me to get on her horse on our block and she took pictures….

Brett on Sunsmart dressed as a Nazgul

(I photoshopped that picture as it was a sunny day with very little of the medieval gloom of Middle Earth during the War of the Ring; I also removed the fences and added a tower :) ). Didn’t actually ride the horse anywhere (other than in a very small circle), and the reason it actually looks alert rather than bored is that behind me are some emu’s … and he hasn’t quite gotten used to emu’s yet.

And we carved a pumpkin …

Jack-o-lantern carved pumpkin

Which Sue turned into a delicious pumpkin soup. Sue dressed up as a witch, in an elegant black velvet celtic/medieval gown, a pointy hat and red shoes. Very witchy!

Both of us were suffering from hayfever, which took a little edge off the fun.

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November 3rd, 2010 at 10:30 am

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