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Artwork – The Naked Truth

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Artwork - The Naked Truth

The cover for the 19 Nocturne Boulevard episode B&B Investigations: The Naked Truth. This is another in the series of Fairy-Tale/Detective/Noir tales, following on from the earlier entry Cry Wolf. Time constraints meant that this had to be a simple cover, so Julie found a lovely image of some film reels since the episode centers on the movie business. With the title of the show, and the name on the cans, you should be able to work out what it’s referencing :-) . I treated the photograph with the same lighting as the artwork for the earlier entry

Licencing and Attributions

Film Reels
Films Wheels Serie 2 © Copyright clasixart / Jean-Luc ST-Hilaire.
Used under licence: Royalty Free

Thank you so much for licensing your photography so that others can benefit. Much appreciated.

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October 7th, 2010 at 4:50 am