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Artwork – Dragon

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Artwork - Dragon The cover for the 19 Nocturne Boulevard episode Dragon. So much fun doing a dragon! Especially when such lovely high quality source material was available for me to use. I’ve turned it very McKeansian again — I see I shall have to make a conscious effort to steer away from that next cover. When I did the dragon, Julie asked for a knight, a chicken, a potion and bowl of pea-pods. There was only room for two however. I modified the brilliant Rooster image to be somewhat cartoony like the tradition drawing of the knight, which makes the cover a bit more playful (the play has a lot of humour in it). I was dissapointed to have to eat into the basic cover design to make it work — feels like a bit of a failure. Overall, I really like this cover!

Here’s the dragon without the type and other bits of artwork:

Dragon artwork without other elements

Licencing and Attribution

I used a number of Creative Commons licenced photograpic elements and here’s the attributions:

Dragon © Copyright wili_hybrid / Ville Miettinen.
Used under licence: CC-BY-NC
Dragon’s Eye
Golden Eye © Copyright OakleyOriginals.
Used under licence: CC-BY
Dragon Hide Texture
London Zoo – Reptile House – Rhinoceros Iguana © Copyright ell brown / Elliott Brown.
Used under licence: CC-BY
Additional Scale Texture for Dragon Wing
Reptile #1 © Copyright ecparker / Evan Parker.
Used under licence: CC-BY-NC
Chicken Crossing the Road © Copyright Bob Jagendorf.
Used under licence: CC-BY
File:Gothic armor 2.jpg
Used under licence: Public Domain
John Speede’s Map of Chichester
Used under licence: Public Domain
Paper Texture
Aged paper texture © Copyright ~Essence of a Dream~.
Used under licence: CC-BY

Thank you to all. It makes creating artwork so much more fun to be able to use these fantastic resources.

Written by Brett

September 1st, 2010 at 5:49 am