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Artwork – Il Professoro’s Daughter

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Artwork - Il Professoro's DaughterThe cover for the 19 Nocturne Boulevard episode il Professoro’s Daughter. The story was loosely based on Rappaccini’s Daughter but thoroughly modernised.

This cover requires no photographic attibutions, as it consists of all original elements!

  • The flowers were supplied by a local Albany florist (Merle-Anne) who also did our wedding roses. :-) I went in and asked if they had some old flowers or some floor sweepings and they nicely found some. They weren’t sufficiently withered so they stayed outside on the porch to “mature”.
  • The moth was previously employed on the cover for Dracula Dot Com. It had been in a glass jar since last year, however it proved too fragile for further use and this was its last outing.
  • The hypodermic syringe is in fact a very large one which is for use with horses! This one sits in my pencil-holder-mug on my desk, since I pilfered it last year when Sue’s horse got sick and required various injections. The blue liquid is simply water with a little blue acrylic paint in it.
  • The vertebrae are genuine cat vertebrae, found while bushwalking in 2009. The cat was presumably a feral cat. I had the skull, but it was not complete enough (and therefore not obvious enough as to what it was) to use as an element.
  • The background (meant to represent the scientific-papers in italian mentioned in the play) text is taken from the Italian Wikipedia page on Rappacini’s Daughter (for the italian text) and the entry for Caffiene. The words are randomly cut and pasted so if you can read Italian, it probably makes no sense at all.
  • The title on the artwork is inaccurate. It should be “Il Professoro” not “Il Professori”. It was noticed at a late stage and I was not available to correct it.

One of those covers where the end result isn’t quite what was envisaged, but one I quite like.

Written by Brett

July 7th, 2010 at 6:12 am