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Artwork – Bride of the Minotaur

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Artwork - Bride of the MinotaurLeaving Tasmania to return to Western Australia, and the inevitable Christmas chaos, I had limited time to do covers. Bride of the Minotaur was done without reading the script or listening to the production … Julie gave me some keywords and some things she’d like to see, and I assembled to order! I haven’t caught up with listening to it yet either!

Licensing and Attributions

Minotaur (Body)
Roman in the park © Copyright Marvin (PA).
Used under licence: CC-BY-NC
Minotaur (Head)
Head of a Bull © Copyright cliff1066™.
Used under licence: CC-BY
Womans Eye © Copyright Fabio Lollobrigida.
Used under licence: CC-BY
Theatre Curtain
Showtime! 2 © Copyright Avolore.
Used under licence: Royalty Free
Background Theatre Curtains
theater 1 © Copyright weatherbox.
Used under licence: Royalty Free

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Written by Brett

February 10th, 2010 at 5:21 pm