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Artwork – Gift of the Zombi

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Artwork - Gift of the ZombiWell, as Julie says, nothing says “Christmas” quite like Zombies. There are two zombie stories to be released this month from 19 Nocturne Boulevard, the first is Gift of the Zombi

Ben and Mia, young zombies in love, search for the perfect xmas present in a world of the walking dead.

The two zombies have swapped their hands with each other. Julie suggested the image of hand holding, and then I totally went to town on it, coming up with what I feel is one of my best — albiet Frankenstienien — covers.

Some Notes

  • I’d already found a good photograph of hand-holding, and Julie found another one. In true macarbe fashion, I used both! The upper arms of one; the clasped hands of the other, which solved the problem of how to make the hands look mismatched without actually flipping them over.
  • The tattoo is a little fudged to suggest the serpent is wrapping around the wrist, but the original source material doesn’t do that. But I loved the way it ties the arm/hands together
  • The exposed wound on the right-hand arm is an elk’s leg bone, with a tailored photo of some steak layered over it.
  • The nails I dirtied up by tracing around the nails, filling with noise, and individually motion blurring them to suggest straitions. Also made them ragged. Originally they were going to be “painted” nails (since Mia has Ben’s hands).
  • Originally I was going to model the wounds in plasticene, but all my plasticene is at home in Albany, so I went for Flickr images instead.
  • Originally the background was going to be post-apocalyptic devastated/decaying industrial landscape, but I thought the image was so strong, a background would really just get in the way. I suggested a plain background (which I still like), but Julie decided that she’d like something that suggested a fake “studio” photography background. I added a vingnette effect, as I had done previously on the three Deadeye Kid covers.

Very romantic! :-)

Licencing and Attribution

I used a mix of royalty free and Creative Commons licenced photograpic elements and here’s the attributions:

Upper Arms:
Holding Hands 2 © Copyright Brett Sayer.
Used under licence: CC-BY
summer love © Copyright Sanja Gjenero. Alternative Link
Used under licence: Royalty Free
Taking a tattoo (2) © Copyright Ferdi’s World / Ferdi.
Used under licence: CC-NC-BY
Staples (right wrist)
Midline Wound With 28 Staples Following a Severe Case of Ruptured Appendix © Copyright Jimee, Jackie, Tom & Asha.
Used under licence: CC-BY-SA
Stitches (left wrist)
postop day 3 © Copyright Ian Turton.
Used under licence: CC-BY-NC-SA
Arm Bone
Elk Leg Bones © Copyright PAgent.
Used under licence: CC-NC-BY
Exposed Flesh
raw meat © Copyright simplerich / Rich G.
Used under licence: CC-NC-BY-SA

As always, a big “thank you” for releasing your images to the commons, or providing them under an otherwise liberal licence. We appreciate it a lot.

Share and share alike …

Several of the images used in creating this picture are under the CC Share Alike licence. As with previous covers, I release the actual artwork, shorn of the logo and text, under this licence which is easier for people to reuse.

Clean Artwork - Gift of the Zombi

Creative Commons License
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

Written by Brett

December 14th, 2009 at 12:48 pm