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Artwork – Warp'd Space Episode 1

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CD Cover - Warp'd Space Episode 1Early this year I decided to keep track of “Professional Development” properly. Not just do whatever I wanted, when I wanted, but to do some projects and keep track of completing them.

One of these projects was to do some CD covers, and I’ve been steadily doing these for 19 Nocturne Boulevard ever since. Julie who runs 19NB asked me if I’d consider doing a logo for a friend of hers — Kimberley — who was writing another audio drama: Warp’d Space which is in the tradition of thoughtful character based science-fiction/space-opera such as Star Trek.

Earlier this year I’d decided I wanted to model a spaceship in the style of Chris Foss, Peter Elson, Angus McKie etc. using Blender 3D, so I decided to combine the two goals and said “yes” when asked to do the covers.

Kimberly described the ship “The Drake” as being like a “jumping jack”, so the first cover I did had most of the right elements on, but I grabbed a jumping jack image from the internet as a placeholder to see what it would look like. Then I began re-learning how to use Blender, and we went through several iterations of the design and arrived with the above. The ship isn’t “finished” as such — there’s quite a few flaws and things I’m not happy with … but they’re the final 10% of things, and relate more to my goals and my inexperience with the software, and not to the immediate suitability of the artwork. Something that is 90% done and definitely looks okay, is ready to be used in my opinion.

There’s a precedent after all — Over the years, the Enterprise model/effects shots became progressively more detailed. I’m just following the model of stepwise refinement. :-)

I really like doing work for other people, especially where it aligns with my own interests. I never would have thought to do a space-ship of this shape, but it’s turned out really well.

Warped Space: Episode 1 “Milk Run” is scheduled to be released October 1st, 2009.

Written by Brett

October 1st, 2009 at 10:16 am