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Artwork – Cultists Stole My Baby!

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CD Cover - Cultists Stole My Baby!Cultists Stole My Baby! is another cover for 19 Nocturne Boulevard audio dramas. The story is about two reporters for a tabloid newspaper being sent to cover a story about a kidnapping and a cult.

This cover was amazing amounts of fun to do, and my favourite cover so far.

To make the background I cut out words and letters from the newspaper. It’s amazing what sentences you can create by rearranging words like: sinister, elvis, alien, voodoo, exorcism, videotape, angel, sex, ufo, drugs, plot, dinosaur, ex-wife, spy, fashion, ghost, bizarre, jesus, diet, probe … It’s pure poetry. Bizarre fridge-magnet dada-esque tabloid-journalism poetry!

The photograph of the kid was stock photography. Julie said it looked a little too much like a girl (the character in the play is a boy, but to be confusing he is actually played by a girl), and so I altered the face slightly, deleted some of the longer hair, and gave him racing car pyjamas with blue sleeves. Yay! No more gender ambiguity! The flames were also heavily distorted stock photography.

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Written by Brett

August 22nd, 2009 at 2:24 pm

Artwork – Dracula Dot Com

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CD Cover - Dracula Dot Com I’ve been getting behind a bit with my posting. This is a recent cover for 19 Nocturne Boulevard, and the story is Dracula Dot Com a modern (and tounge-in-cheek) retelling of “Dracula” for the internet-age. The image flashed into my head as I was listening to the production: a monster at the keyboard.

This arwork is entirely original, and makes no use of Creative Commons images. Like Exit Strategy it has the quality of a tableux. The wooden table surface is actually our coffee-table, which stands perhpas half a metre off the ground; the “vlad dracul” mug was a souvineer my parents brought back from a holiday in Romania; the candles are just some candles we have about the place; and the keyboard is a beautiful Apple keyboard that is my all-time favourite thing to type on. I added some dead moths collected from the garage window for some extra macabre/gothic notes.

Lastly the hand (with ring) was carefully removed from a exhumed vampire buried at a local crossroads and cleaned up with Adobe Photoshop to look more “alive”. Unfortunately, both the ring and hand have subsequently dissapeared, but it must be around here somewhere. I’m sure it just hasn’t crawled away by itself, ha ha! :-)

Okay, it is actually my own hand. I blu-tacked nail extensions onto my fingers and contorted my hand in various claw-like poses; and then I aged and coloured them in Photoshop and composited them on. Those are “manicare” Natural Nail Tips (AU$6.00) temporarily stuck to my fingernails with blu-tack. The pewter “Death Head” ring cost me AU$7.95. These things are getting expensive!!

Dracula Dot Com is due to be released 20th September, 2009.

Written by Brett

August 22nd, 2009 at 1:52 pm