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Artwork – When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow

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Another cover for 19 Nocturne Boulevard. This play is a homage to Giallo thrillers, and I was given a very specific brief:

… and should have a cover with the following components – a black-gloved hand choking, stabbing or smothering a beautiful woman with wide frightened eyes, a broken window, random colored light patterns on the wall, lots of red, and an inappropriate animal. No animal in particular, just something that has nothing whatsoever to do with the story …

I’m not familiar with Giallo Thrillers, so I began by researching the Giallo style (very much 70’s pulp/exploitation).

Now, I am not any kind of painter, so it was a fun challenge to get something that matched and was a bit painterly.

The photograph of the woman needed quite a bit of work. I had to enlarge the eyes and distort some of the facial features to emphasise the fear response. The original was black and white so I coloured it, and then worked to give it that particular painterly texture.

This cover is the first one with a budget. Frustrated by the lack of useful leather glove images, especially holding a knife, I bought my own! I couldn’t find any in second hand shops, but fortunately I found a relatively cheap pair in Target for AU$24.95.

The eye and cat were Julie’s suggestion on seeing the first version, which had a spider as the inappropriate animal. I was happy to change it, especially as I quite liked an opportunity to slip in the old injury to the eye motif. And I also happen to like cats. :-)

When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow is scheduled to be released on 20th August, 2009.

Licencing and Attribution

I used a number of Creative Commons licenced photograpic elements, sourced from Flickr and here’s the attributions:

Broken Window:
Broken Window © Copyright dmushrush / Dan Mushrush.
Used under licence: CC-BY-NC-SA
Screaming Woman:
DSC_0238 © Copyright Albert Bredenhann.
Used under licence: CC-BY-NC-SA
Count the Cats! © Copyright eva101 / eva.
Used under licence: CC-BY
Ben’s Eye © Copyright Dan Foy.
Used under licence: CC-BY

Ben’s Eye I’d also used previously for The Outpost.

Share and share alike …

Two of the images used in creating this picture are under the CC Share Alike provision. As with previous covers, I release the actual clean artwork under this licence which is easier for people to reuse.

When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow - Clean Artwork

Creative Commons License
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

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