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Porongorups – Nancy Peak Circuit

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Brett on the peak, leaning nochalantly against a rock

Brett on the peak, leaning nochalantly against a rock

Out and about again on Sunday; this time returning to the Porongurups (small mountain range between Albany and the Stirling Range), and doing the Nancy Peak circuit. You can go either direction; this time we opted to start in the East-ish side, which climbs into forest with tall trees and healthy looking regrowth since a fire a few years ago. There were strong gusty winds on the the peak, which has the common granite boulders typical of the area. We enjoyed a cup of tea and watched twin banks of heavy cloud roll over the Albany township to the South, and the Stirling Ranges to the North. Then we were off again, down again and around onto a wide track large enough to accomodate vehicles. Walk took about two hours.

Quite a lot of fungi about, but didn’t go mad photographing them this time … sometimes it is nice just to walk!

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June 29th, 2009 at 9:23 am